Monday, September 5, 2016


Howdy there! Welcome to my personal webpage for the CSCW course! My name is Abhinandan Aryadipta and my friends call me Abhi. I am a second year grad student at Texas A&M University pursuing my Master's in Computer Science.


I have taken up Computer-Supported Cooperative Work course for Fall 2016 to learn how large scale cooperative software practically works and what are the major issues that need to be handled for successful development in this area. I would also like to delve into promising technologies and understand the factors that are going to shape the future of CSCW.

List of Collaborative Software

These are a few of the Collaborative software that I use regularly:
1. Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
2. Google Drive
3. Online Gaming (Clash of Clans,
4. Uber
5. WhatsApp, Messenger
6. Skype
7. Hangouts
8. Wikipedia
9. Quora
10. Piazza
11. GitHub
12. Facebook
13. Gmail
14. OrderUp, GrubHub

Discussant Presentation
Presenter Presentation

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